This 4th round is about Sidney Leung the graphic designer.





First of all, could you introduce yourself to the readers? About your artworks, jobs and actives.


My name is Sidney and I’m 22 years old communication designer currently studying in Berlin, at the art school call Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule (BTK). I mostly do freelance so far working for various people in Berlin and Hong Kong producing mostly branding, such as logos to identities for them. I also enjoy doing side projects such as animations, interaction designs and playing a few techno songs at clubs with friends.



Let us know the story that you moved to Germany from Hong Kong.

「僕は7年間、イングランドで育ちました。でもロンドンが好きになれず、最終的には大学へ行ったときですが、中退して故郷の香港に帰りました。僕は創造的な依頼の仕事を始め、バーテンダーとしても2年働きました。でも香港という街は素晴らしいけれど、ここもまた自分の居場所ではないと思ったんです。挫折感のなか、次はどこへ行くべきか考えました。ニューヨークが最初の選択肢だったんですが、いろいろと高価で…。そんな時、ドイツ出身の友人が勧めてくれたこともあって、ここベルリンに渡ってきました。はじめ下見に来たとき、僕はそのザラついた魅力にすぐに恋に落ちました。現在、ベルリンはヨーロッパにおいて最も著しく成長する街のひとつです。これまで僕が2年間ここにいて、いまだにその活気あふれるエネルギーと眩いばかりの驚きとに魅了されています。冬は憂鬱だけど、ベルリンの夏はホントにいい。僕はノイケルンという地区にいますが、ここは ヒプスター (流行に敏感な人たち)、難民、トルコ人、地元民が混在する場所です。いい音楽と酒場があります。食べ物は…ちょっと変化に乏しいから、僕は長い1日の後、少しの瞑想として台所に立ちます。週末は忙しく仕事をしてるか、夜通し…我を忘れるくらいの楽しいパーティをしにバーに行くかです。卒業するまでここにいたいし、この街への興奮と愛の中で生活を続けていけたらいいなと思います」

I grew up in England for 7 years but I didn’t like London when I finally moved there for university so I quit and moved back my hometown Hong Kong. I started working for a creative agancy and bartending for 2 years but realised Hong Kong is a great city but also it wasn’t the place for me. Frustrated and trying to decide where to go next, New York was my first choise but due to the high prices, I came across Berlin because one of my friend is from Germany and he suggested the city for me. I then went to Berlin to take a look and immediately fell in love with its gritty yet charming style. Currently Berlin one of the fastest growing city in Europe, so far I’ve been here for 2 years and I still get fascinated to it’s vibrant energy and cute surprises for me even to this day. Although the winters are very depressing, summer is the best in Berlin. I stay in the area call Neukolln and it’s a massive pot of hipsters, refugees, turkish and locals. It’s great for music and bars, but food gets a bit repetitive, so I cook as a bit of meditation after a long day. Weekends I either get busy working or going out for bars and great nightlife parties that lets me lose myself. I hope I will be able to stay longer in when my school has finish and continue my life in excitement and love for the city.

provided by Sidney
provided by Sidney


provided by Sidney
provided by Sidney


This project was just for fun. I wanted it to be movement…combine fashion with movement. right is move, left is still. It was just for fun I took with a polaroid.

provided by Sidney
provided by Sidney


This was really cool project. Gateway to the reality…moments from entering elevetor till opening the door. I took 600 photos…lower right is really cool.

photo by Sidney
photo by Sidney


This is the event posters for my friend.

provided by Sidney
provided by Sidney


This was a music processing photos. A model choose a song…some are noisy while quiet…translating music wave into the picture.

provided by Sidney
provided by Sidney


provided by Sidney
provided by Sidney


This project is part of book design class I took, which in the end of the semester we must produce a final piece. Taking on different book making techniques we learned from our teacher, I collaborated with an vietnamese illustrator from Berlin (Linh Nguyen) who makes beautiful drawings and took all his animal illustrations to produce this book. I like the minimalistic and uniqueness of Japanese bookbinding and printing all the illustrations, it took me around 4 hours to assemble everything together. We both liked the outcome in the end and happily saying it was a pretty good success for the class too.

provided by Sidney
provided by Sidney


This started when I was arranging my messy laptop files and found it unfinished during the times when I was messing around Typography, and thought it would be cool to create my own poster for the subway system in Berlin. So learning from a post about the subject on Creative Bloq, I continued to finish it during my holiday in Hong Kong. The poster consist of all the U-Bahn station names inside of Berlin (not the S-Bahn) and the colours are the train lines directing all the stops each one has. This poster was done out of pure boredom and trying to have fun, but in the end I like the way it look and I have one printed in my house.

provided by Sidney
provided by Sidney


SaarowTherme is a wellness centre based a little bit outside of Berlin which in my corporate identity class, we were able to redesign their brand. As sort of a competition, the chosen design could have a well paid compensation. Having the eye on the prize I was trying to target what they need so I could go on holiday with my girl haha, at that time was their wayfinding-system they needed the most designing, as their’s look like shit and could have been done better and more understandable. But in the end I didn’t win because they were assholes and didn’t communicate well in terms of what they need and got me doing things they didn’t find useful. What a disaster. They were actually looking for a new logo or something which I didn’t work so much on. Anyways for me I enjoy making all the icons and system from start to finishing and I’m proud of what I did. The rest of the branding I decide to take out for my portfolio because it was not so relevant. But I learned from this is that designers should have as much communication with clients so the ending result should look as what both wants. But also don’t waste time on things people don’t know what they want, tell them to go away and think back, and be proud of what you done, because in the end it will save tons of time between both sides.

provided by Sidney
provided by Sidney


旧サイト Old Web Site http://sidleung.tumblr.com/

新サイト New Web Site www.sidleung.com






そして、英語が得意でない私に…しかも道案内の途中で道に迷うという呆れた私にも嫌な顔ひとつせず、 ホントに多くのことを話してくれました。



I entered the best desgin school but I realized it was not the best. We were just expected to get grade. Teachers tell us everything what to do. Students do criteria only 2 years for drawing something realistic. That’s how we do for the grade. It wasn’t creative. I was told that if I do other things they are wasted of time to get a grade. I was so bored. I hated it. I met a photography teacher. He told me not to think but shoot. I improved, have become more conceptional.



My style of artwork are generally random due to restrictions of working for someone, but I’m still searching for my core approach but I have a good feeling it will come someday. I have great friends here working in the same fields and we help by pushing and supporting each other. In future I like to create our own design agency with them.



It’s all good man!! Also I have started my design agency. It’s called ‘omelette-collective’.


Sidney’s web site


問1. あなたにとって「人生の歓び」とは何ですか?

What is the “plesure of life” for you?

答1. 僕が思うに、人生の歓びとは探求です。それは「幸せ」だと言う人もいるだろうけど、あまりに抽象的すぎるし、常に幸福な状態でいられる人はいないでしょう。心地よい空間から一歩踏み出して、自分は何者なのかに気付かせてくれるモノを探すことだと思います。だからこそ、僕にとって旅することは一番の方法です。時々、旅にはひどいこともあるけど、予想外にいいことに転じたりもします。僕は思います。心をオープンでいることと積極性が鍵だと。例え最悪のシチュエーションでもね。自分自身と他人に対して‘リアル’でいること、ユーモアのセンスを学ぶこと、有言実行、そうすればいつか幸せを見つけられると思うよ。たぶんね。

I think pleasure of life for me is exploration, I think people would say happiness but to be happy I believe it is too abstract and nobody can be happy 24/7. I believe stepping out of your comfort zone and explore what is going around makes you realise who you are. That’s why travelling for me is my best remedy, sometimes the trips might suck total balls but there are times where things unexpectantly turn to be the best times. I think to keep an open mind and positivity is key, even in the worst situations. Be real to yourself and other people and learn to have a sence of humour, mean what you say and say what you mean, at the end you will find happiness through that. Maybe.


問2. あなたの夢は何ですか?

What’s your dream?

答2. 僕はまだ自分をもっと知ろうとしてるから、確かな夢はありません。これまでなら、最善を尽くしたい、目の前にある問題に挑みたい、そう言ったと思います。僕はグラフィックデザイナーだけど、他のクリエイティブなことにも興味があります。だからもう少し先のいつかは、そういうこともやっていられたらいいなと思います。でも、母に言われました。「大きなことを成し遂げるためには小さな目標を持つこと」。だからそう心がけていこうと思ってます。

I am still looking to know more about myself so I don’t have an exact dream to have, so far I could say I want to try to do my best and able to tackle problems in my way. I am a graphic designer but I’m mostly interested in anything creative. So I guess my later future I hope I could still be doing something like that. But my mother said to me, have small goals to achieve something big, so I’ll follow with that and see how it goes.


問3. 「愛」について、どう思いますか?

What do you think about “love” ?

答3. 僕は、愛とは迷信的で神秘な言葉だと思います。現実的には。説明するのは不可能です。でも僕にとって愛とは家族を意味するでしょう。母や祖母から与えられた常識を超えるほどの無条件の愛は、説明できません。僕は、愛は相互のものだと思います。ギヴアンドテイクを学ぶ必要があります。僕は最近とても居心地の良さを感じる人に出会いました。それもまた、愛の重要な役割だと思います。誰しも完璧ではない、でも素直であること、他の誰かをありのままに愛すること、それが全てなんじゃないかな。

I think love is such a obsessed and obscured word that in realty, is impossible to describe. But I guess love for me means my family, the insane amount of unconditional love given from my mom and my grandma is beyond explanation. I believe love go goes both ways and need to learn how to give and take. I also recently met someone that I find very comfortable with and I think that is a key role of love, nobody is perfect but being yourself and loving someone else for being who they are is all that matters.



Good design is there, we can see it. but best design, we can’t see it. because it is too good we can’t realize it.


When I told Sidney about the planning of this articles what I hope we will collaborate and have some events sometime, that’s my dream and please introduce to me your friends as next artist or creator for this plan, he said to me that:


It’s good idea! We will connect through your works. So you have to continue your works until then…


and Sidney told me always : You do for yourself. no worries take your time to do what’s important for you first. Good luck man! You can do it!


Thanks Sidney! Good luck!

8th Apr. 2016

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